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non-Guided Tour Shuttle Service

Kettle Valley Railway Trestles Shuttle

Rent your bikes from our downtown Kelowna Lakefront Sports Centre location and then hop on our shuttle that will take you up to the Kettle Valley Railway Trestles.

Once there, you can ride across 18 trestles and through 2 mountain tunnels all originally built in 1912-1914. Because of a devastating Okanagan Mountain Fire in 2003, some trestles have been rebuilt and the park re-opened in June 2008 and has now been designated as a National Heritage Site.

Our shuttle will then take you back downtown to return your bikes after your ride.

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Bike Tours Kelowna
Shuttle Service Includes:
  • Transportation to Kettle Valley Trestles
  • Return Transportation
  • Comfortable air conditioned van
myra canyon bike rental
Myra Canyon Bike Tours Include:
  • Transportation to the location
  • Guided Tour of the trestles
  • Comfortable air conditioned van
  • Breath-taking views
  • Bike rentals and helmets
  • A great time!

Please arrive at Lakefront Sports, 1350B Water Street for 8:30am, to sign waivers, select helmets, review safety measures.
Paid parking is available throughout Downtown Kelowna, with a large parkade (Library Plaza Parkade) located nearby, accessed via Doyle Ave & Ellis Street.
Tour is scheduled to be back at Lakefront Sports for approximately 2:30pm – this is estimate and timing will depend on traffic.
This experience requires a minimum number of 2 guests. If the minimum is not met, you will be offered an alternative time/date. 

We reserve the right to cancel any tour at anytime due to safety, mechanical or behavioral issues. If your tour is canceled, you will be given a rain check to re-book at another time.

Ride across all 18 Railway Trestles

Myra Canyon Bike Rental & KVR Tour

Depart from our downtown Kelowna Lakefront Sports Centre location by the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort to enjoy an amazing biking experience.

Our shuttle takes you up to Myra Canyon and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, where our trained guide will lead you along 12 kilometers of Myra Canyon bike trail.

Experience a part of BC’s history; bring your camera and leave your worries behind as you are guided through this Hidden Jewel of the Okanagan.

This is available on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.  

$145.00 per person if 2-3 people
$139.00 per person if 4-5 people
$125.00 per person if 6-7 people
$110.00 per person if there are 8-10 people on the tour

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Okanagan Lake tour

Boat Tours

Relax in style, soak up some sun and take in the breathtaking views that surround you as your embark on your 1 Hour Tour of Okanagan Lake. When we stop off along the way, you can jump in for a refreshing swim. Our commercial captain will make sure you have a memorable experience.

If you would like a longer tour time, please contact us for a custom tour package.

$40.00 per person for Adults
$20.00 per person for Kids 12 & Under
Maximum 12 people

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Boat Rental Kelowna
All Tours Include:
  • Commercial Captain
  • 1 hour tour of Okanagan Lake
  • Cold bottled water
  • Premium experience
myra canyon bike rental
myra canyon bike rental
The most exciting tours in the okanagan

Tiki Time Tours

Our sister company Tiki Time Tours offers the best tour experience in the Okanagan.

The Tiki Boat Tours are the best way to experience beautiful Okanagan Lake. An experienced captain takes you out on the water for the day and you can anchor up in the middle of the lake while you jump in and cool off. You will be envied by everyone on the lake as you cruise the day away, listening to your favourite tunes and  cutting loose on the dance floor. Public and private Tiki Boat tours are available.

The Tiki Tasting Tours are the cities most exiting wine and beverage tasting tour int he city. The best entertainment on the most unique themed fleet of vehicles in town. The Tiki Buses are the only ones in the Okanagan with an onboard karaoke system. The Tiki Buses come equipped with Karaoke, Party Lights and Bluetooth Stereo so you can listen to your favourite playlist or sing along to Karaoke

Visit Tiki Time Tours
OkanAgan Wine Tour

Wine Tours

We offer fun, private and memorable wine tours paired with a boat tour!

Start off with a 2 Hour Guided Boat Tour of the rolling hills surrounding Okanagan Lake that are home to internationally renowned vineyards and then tour 4 premiere award winning wineries.

Call today to book your custom Wine Tour package.

*Minimum 2 Guests

Call to Book
Wine Tours Kelowna
All Tours Include:
  • Transportation to each location
  • Wine tasting fees
  • Comfortable air conditioned van
  • Wine storage
  • A great time!