Kelowna Flyboarding Experience

Experience Kelowna flyboarding from Lakefront Sports Centre. Fly above Okanagan Lake on a water powered jet board. Have you tried this exciting Summer activity? Book our flight now and experience the thrill of Flyboarding this Summer.

Kelowna Jet Ski Rentals
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30 Minutes
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Experience the thrill of flyboarding at Lakefront Sport Centre, our exciting new Summer activity in Kelowna!

It's been called a jetpack, jet board, or flyboarding - whatever you want to call it, this exhilarating adventure should be at the top of your Okanagan bucket list. Join us for a fantastic time on the water, set against the beautiful backdrop of downtown Kelowna and the picturesque Okanagan scenery.
Flyboarding is perfect for all ages and skill levels, offering a unique and fun way to challenge yourself and create lasting memories. Gather your friends or family and dive into the excitement of flyboarding with us.

Explore the stunning waters of the Okanagan and who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the legendary Ogopogo during your adventure!